“Hé Siri, texy my artificial pancreas…”.

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This blog series

The idea of the diabetic patient as a crisis manager is outdated. By using an open source Do It Yourself Artificial Pancreas System (DIY APS) you have less to worry about and you can achieve a higher quality of life for yourself as well for all others. When configured properly, it is quite possible that the diabetic person has a healthy HBA1C value. You can start today!

This article is part of my type 1 diabetes (T1D) series ‘our journey: from pen therapy to AndroidAPS, a DIY APS (Do It Yourself Artificial Pancreas System)’. A similar project for Apple smartphones is called Loop project.

The goal of this article is to inform you high level. I’m grateful and proud to be a leader in using these open source possibilities, to actively involve the hospital in the journey, to support beginners in the community and to contribute two significant innovations. Are you curious? I am happy to help you. View all related articles using this link.

The goal of the blog series is to inspire you on new technology to bring down the effort on (daily) diabetes management activities and be healthier long term. All DIY APS possibilities are developed by the diabetes community since 2013.

#WeAreNotWaiting movement

The idea of the diabetic patient as a crisis manager is outdated. By using an (open source) second generation closed loop system you can achieve a higher quality of life for yourself as well as for all others. No need to do it all at once, it’s possible to take it easy with small steps. When configured properly, the diabetic person even has a healthy HbA1c value. A life changing journey. Welcome to the future! #WeAreNotWaiting

Need some help?

Most effort in the online DIY APS community is done by volunteers through a pay-it-forward mechanism. Each participant/volunteer has severe perseverance and the will to contribute to the community in their own field of knowledge. Please feel free to contact me on whatever question you may have and request a membership in Facebook groups AndroidAPSUsers / TheLoopedGroup. Happy to help!

About the author

I am Peter, a millennial born in 1984, living in The Netherlands and hope someone will find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D). Since my girlfriend was diagnosed as T1D both of our lives rapidly have changed. I became involved as a volunteer on the AndroidAPS project. In this blog series I commit my IT Service Delivery Management passion to a more comfortable and healthier diabetes-life because of all automation possible since 2013. As a professional I feel comfortable to deliver value, overseeing all components while managing staff and costs.


I am not a healthcare professional. Always consult your doctor before making changes to your diabetes treatment plan. For this blog series I do not have and do not want any sponsorship deals or whatsoever. I pay for all equipment just like anybody else. I publish the articles out of enthusiasm to inform the world on current technical possibilities.

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